Cautions and Rules

Safety is an important aspect of any adventure sport and doubly so when it involves sea and surfing.


. Be cautious when you are just learning to paddle and surf. Do not go to an area where there are many surfboarders or paddlers. The crowd moving together will affect the way waves are moving and you will find it difficult to maintain your balance on the board.

On the other hand, do not go to a very isolated place so that if you need help, someone should be around to rescue or guide you. Learn the ropes from a proper coach or guide so that you know the exact techniques of maneuvering.

Some countries have specific regulations and norms that have to be followed while someone is surfing or paddle boarding. The rules may not apply when it is concerned with personal floatation devices.

But the rules may be applicable in certain areas where surfing is permitted. A person should not jeopardize his life or that of others for that matter, for recreation.